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Boys Club General Questions

What is the Cost for Training?

The training fee for the boys club starts at $200 per month. We will NOT turn boys away that are interested in joining. Boys of all ages are welcome to come and practice to become better volleyball players.

We aim to be as flexible as possible with everyone financially, if you have any questions on how to assist in paying tuition please reach out to Coach Tim Jr or Kyle.

* Siblings will be granted a discount on every child after first

How do Travel Teams work?

While the boys will all practice together based on skills positions, boys that are interested in the travel aspect of Club Volleyball will join a team closest to their eligible age definition.  

For teams that are traveling to tournaments, a separate tournament expense will be split amongst the team.

Uniform Package

The uniform package is required for all athletes that will be traveling for tournaments.  The package will cover 3 Jerseys and shorts for players.

Additional Shirts are also available before the season starts at a discounted price.


Full Package: $180

Jerseys Only:  $165 (3 Jerseys)

Additional Practice Shirts: Pack of 3 for $30

Check out our UOT gear below!

Team Gear


Light Jersey


Alternate Jersey


Black Jersey


UOT Men's Pullover

Top Seller

What is the Coaching Like?

Our three coaches are all former volleyball players at the Men's Collegiate Level. The coaches will provide high intensity instruction that will push your son to be better volleyball players.


Our goal for each player in our program: become the best athlete on your High School/Club team.

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